Stan Jeter ‘87 (Communication & the Arts) began producing Christian World News (CWN) more than two decades ago with a volunteer staff of Regent University students. Today, CWN is a production of The Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN). With versions in five different languages, it can be seen through different outlets in over two dozen countries with satellite broadcasts reaching several dozen more.

The program celebrated its landmark 20th anniversary in September 2014, reflecting on its aim to “Declare His glory among the nations, His wonder among all peoples” (Psalm 96:3 NKJV). It accomplishes that goal by telling news stories that demonstrate the work of the Holy Spirit through the global Church, as seen in the United States as well as Eastern Europe, Central America, Latin America and the Middle East. CWN focuses on international missions, revival, and even exposure of the persecution of Christians that has captured the hearts of millions and petitioned believers to a call of prayer.

Viewer response overwhelmingly attests to CWN’s powerful ability to lead others to Christ — an impact that amazes Jeter to this day. Jeter came to Virginia Beach in 1985 with a vision for what is now Christian World News, but first, he needed television training at Regent, known then as CBN University.

“I was not a journalist by training,” he explains. “But I traveled internationally and saw many Christians doing remarkable things, and no one was telling their stories. That’s when I reached out to Regent and CBN. It was a venture of faith.”

Jeter gives tribute to the students and staff at Regent who became CWN’s backbone. The trailblazer and visionary leader carries a conviction to continue his call to news and media coverage of the Church on the ground — stories of what God is doing around the world: “It’s like lighting a fire under the pew, so that people won’t just stay seated in the church, but get up and go out, and do something for God.”

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