Engaged in Big Ideas, Enduring Questions

Undergraduate Honors Program to launch in 2015

Regent University’s unique philosophy of education holds that knowledge and character are inseparable. Challenging students means more than pushing them to study harder, tackle extra projects and earn higher grades. So in 2015, the College of Arts & Sciences (CAS) will launch the Honors Program to engage motivated students with big ideas, great books and enduring questions.

“There are mission-centric functional and philosophical reasons for initiating this program,” says Dr. Gerson Moreno-Riaño, CAS dean. “We want to introduce students to enduring questions and big ideas and look at them through a Biblical foundation. That’s absolutely key. We add to that great books throughout history, and connect them to great books in the 21st century so there’s a bridge between past and present. We want to show the relevance of these questions and ideas through time.”

The goal is to educate leaders with a strong moral compass to be supremely competent in whatever field of study they choose. The program will be application-based, admitting only 25 students a year. Those students will move through the program as a cohort, sharing life and opportunities in a tight-knit community. Unique to the program is its emphasis on undergraduate research.

“We’re connecting all our honors students to the Center for Christian Thought & Action (CCTA) as fellows,” reports Moreno-Riaño. “They’ll be working with faculty mentors at the center doing research, writing white papers and exploring various topics.” Through the CCTA, honors students will also have access to high-level leaders in industry, government and academia brought in for lectures and seminars.

While academic performance is certainly critical, Moreno-Riaño says that’s not the exclusive criteria for program admittance: “We’re concerned with bringing in students who are teachable and coachable, students who really love instruction.”

Christian Leadership to Change the World can start anywhere; the Honors Program raises the bar at Regent. “It’s about expanding our mission,” Moreno-Riaño says. “We’re preparing high-level leaders fully equipped to be the architects of a better world.”

You can learn more at regent.edu/honors.

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