T.D. Jakes

Regent University has formed a partnership with Bishop T.D. Jakes, pastor of The Potter’s House in Dallas, Texas, aimed at providing excellent programs for individuals who desire new levels of impact and success—personally and professionally. Launched in summer 2013, the partnership with Jakes and his for-profit organization TDJ Enterprises, provides both Jakes and Regent opportunities to develop strong Christian leaders around the world.

“Regent University provides world-class Christian educational resources to complement our premier conferences, seminars and other content delivery systems,” says Jakes, CEO of TDJ Enterprises. “This collaboration offers our faith-centric audiences a gateway to professional learning tools that advance the work of the ministry while also supporting those laymen looking to enhance their corporate leadership and entrepreneurial credentials.”

Jakes, who leads the 30,000-member congregation of The Potter’s House, serves as a distinguished visiting lecturer for Regent, speaking to students each semester during intensive leadership programs. The collaboration also provides followers of both entities with several educational opportunities for undergraduate students and adult learners alike.

The university’s Professional & Continuing Education (PCE) division, in turn, provides registration and certification for the T.D. Jakes School of Leadership. Julianne Cenac, assistant vice president for PCE, explains that this collaboration is the result of the two organization’s keen focus on rejecting “leadership as usual.”

“We are in a different day and age,” Cenac explains. “Leaders have to balance more; they have to contend with information that is complex and constantly changing. Our world is diverse and sometimes has competing priorities and objectives. Leaders have to know how to navigate that.”

Cenac explains that building partnerships such as Regent’s with TDJ Enterprises and The Potter’s House is not accomplished by taking timid baby steps, but by keeping our eyes wide open to the world  around us. Being equipped with leadership resources such as those provided by this collaboration is the first step to becoming a world leader.

“Leadership is living and organic,” Cenac explains. “One is not leading if he or she is stagnant. Our goal is that when students attend these leadership sessions they will be transformed  and their lives will never be the same.”

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